Super Bowl Bets

Super Bowl Bets Types

There are hundreds of different types of Super Bowl bets, with sportsbooks all across the US generating props and lines for all of the action. These odds are available for future wagering before the NFL season begins and for live betting during the game itself. The various odds and props range from player props, in game props, and outside game props. For example, the Super Bowl bet types can range on the total rushing yards by a player, either team to have a defensive touchdown, and even on the color of the Gatorade that is poured on the winning coach. The number of lines and props for Super Bowl betting is overwhelming for US players every single year, with plenty of secure and legal Super Bowl sportsbooks.

Best Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Betting

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New Player Bonuses For Super Bowl Betting

When using Bovada Sportsbook for betting on the Super Bowl, every new player can redeem a welcome bonus to boost their bankroll and potential winnings. Every new player with Bovada can redeem up to $750 on their first crypto deposit and up to $250 if they are depositing with a non-crypt method. No matter how the new player deposits, there is a 5x rollover and all of the bonus credits can be used to wager on the Super Bowl.


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Betting On The Super Bowl With Crypto

US bettors can use cryptocurrency to wager on the hundreds of different types of Super Bowl bets that BetOnline has to offer. There are over 15 different types of cryptos offered and all of them allow deposits and withdrawals that do not have any fees attached. BetOnline also offers welcome bonuses of up to $1,000 and reload bonuses of up to $350 with crypto deposits. Betting on the Super Bowl with crypto at BetOnline opens the door for fast and secure transactions and big profits.

Best Super Bowl Betting Types:

Betting On The Coin Toss – This has become of the most popular Super Bowl wagers because it does not require much thought. Bettors can cash in while the Super Bowl kicks off by betting on the 50/50 odds of heads or tails but still win big.

Betting On The Halftime Show – There are many different types of wagers involved in the halftime show ranging from what the performer/performers will be wearing, the song that will be played first, any mishaps during performances, and much more. These wagers are generated specially towards the performers of the show each year.

Betting On The National Anthem – There are a few different ways to win big from wagering on the National Anthem during the Super Bowl. Bettors can place money on the over/under total for the length of the rendition. There are also props for the performer to forget the words or have any other mishaps.

Betting On Super Bowl MVP – The odds for Super Bowl MVP are generated as soon as all playoff teams have been decided. While there is value in betting on this prop early, players can always bet on the winner after both conference championship games and only two teams remain.

Betting On The Puppy Bowl – Online sportsbooks offer odds offer some future and live props on the Puppy Bowl every year before the Super Bowl kicks off. Bettors can wager on “Team Ruff” or “Team Fluff” to win, along with a variety of Puppy Bowl prop bets.

Betting On Super Bowl Commercials – As some people only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, online betting sites make sure to have a plethora of wagers on the new ads. There are props for which commercial will be shown first, over/under for how many will feature pets, the first celebrity to drink a Budweiser, and much more.

Super Bowl Prop Betting:

Player Props – Once the Super Bowl matchup is set, sportsbooks generate hundreds of odds for all of the players from both teams. These props range from specific players scoring touchdowns, fumbling the ball, or making field goals. There are also player props with long odds for situations that are uncommon. For example, there could be a prop for Tom Brady recording a rushing touchdown during the first half. Specific player props like these are not expected to occur but could offer big payouts if they did.

Game Props – These Super Bowl prop bets do rely on player performance but do not consist of betting on these specific players. An example of game props would be betting on any player scoring a touchdown during the game outside of the QB position. Game props can also consist of scenarios outside of the game like the color of the Gatorade poured onto the winning coach or the brand to first show a dog in their commercial.

Halftime Props – The Super Bowl has become the biggest betting event of the year because of the props that are offered during the halftime show every year. Even if somebody is not a football fan, the halftime show is always entertaining and Super Bowl sportsbooks offer odds for every aspect of the action. There are odds for the first performer to be shown, specific outfits being worn, and much more during the intermission period.

Game Lines:

Moneyline – This is the most classic bet type and consists of wagering on the winner of the Super Bowl. With this bet, the only thing that matters for cashing out is if your team wins the game or not. The odds for this are set before the game but change as the game progresses for live betting.

Spread – Super Bowl sportsbooks set a line for each team to win before the big game and there are odds for the line to be covered or not. If a team was favored by four points, the favorite would have to win by four or more and the underdog would have to win SU or lose by less than four points for the spread to be covered.

Totals – There are team and player total bets available during the Super Bowl and these wagers look like betting on the over /under for total passing yards by a player, total interceptions during the game, and much more. Bettors get to pick a side and place their money on the over or the under for the set total.

Other Types Of Super Bowl Bets:

Halftime Betting – Sportsbooks with Super Bowl odds offer wagers for betting on player and game totals on the first or second half of the game. For example, if a QB’s total passing tards over/under is set at 295, the sportsbook would offer odds for an over/under of 145 during the first half or the second half. This allows the bettor to strategically place wagers on players and their specific tendencies in each half.

Quarter Betting – Just like with halftime bets, Super Bowl bettors can wager on props and over/under total bets by each quarter. There are bets on total rushing yards, passing TDs, and more by each quarter in the game.

Live Betting – Live betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on the Super Bowl because bettors can pull up their sportsbook and browser through hundreds of wagers as the game is unfolding. Bettors can still wager on the moneyline, spread, totals, props, and more but the odds and lines are constantly changing as the game plays out. This is also a great way to win big on a second half turn of events.

Mobile Betting – Online sportsbooks that offer wagers on the Super Bowl can all be accessed from a mobile device. Bettors in the US can make deposits, accept bonuses and place Super Bowl bets from their mobile devices. Live betting is extremely convenient through mobile betting because of the fast-paced nature of the bet type. Some online sportsbooks have apps that can be downloaded, while others can be accessed through the mobile browser of any Apple, Samsung, or Google device.

Is It Legal To Bet On Super Bowl Props?

It is 100% legal to wager on Super Bowl prop bets in the US, with many different sites/apps offering odds. The Super Bowl odds and lines are legal to bet on from state regulated sportsbooks and internationally regulated sportsbooks, with the ladder having more options. As long as the player is over the legal betting age set in their state, they have full access to game lines, prop bets, and wagers on the entertainment side of the night.