Super Bowl Spread Example

Here in this example, we have the 49ers who have been set as field-goal favorites over the Broncos on the point spread. That means San Francisco will need to win by at least four points to cover the line. On the flip side, the Broncos will cover the betting line with a loss by two points or less, or obviously with a win straight up. The bet will result in a push if the 49ers win by exactly three points. In that case, there is no winner against the spread, and bettors will receive their money back.

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Super Bowl Spread

Betting the point spread for the Super Bowl is probably the most common form of a wager made on the particular matchup. It's basically what one thinks of when thinking about betting. "Who is favored? Who is the Underdog? And by how much?"

Betting the spread on the Super Bowl is a form of a straight bet installed by oddsmakers in Vegas and on online sportsbooks. There is a favorite that is established for the game who gives points, and an underdog that receives points. A game could also be considered a pick em', in which the teams are so evenly matched that there is no spread.

The spread is determined through a number of carefully researched factors by oddsmakers, and then formulated for the particular matchup at hand. The spread for the Super Bowl usually comes out about 24 hours after the conference championship games have been settled. Check back for the Super Bowl XLVII spread as the game nears...

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