Super Bowl Prop Betting

Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets

Online sportsbooks generate hundreds of betting props for the Super Bowl every year. Between player and team props, sportsbooks have live and future betting options, helping every Super Bowl bettor jump into the action. Whether a bettor wants to put money on the first score type or the first song performed during the halftime show, Super Bowl 58 prop betting sites have it all. There are bonuses that can be accepted by new and existing players for betting on Super Bowl props.

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Thousands Of Super Bowl Props

Bovada sportsbook has maintained its position as one of the most utilized sportsbooks across the US because of the hundreds of Super Bowl bets that are offered. There are player, team, and game props along with lines and totals for every aspect of the biggest game of the year. When using Bovada sportsbook for the first time for Super Bowl prop betting, there is a new player bonus that has up to $750 up for grabs through crypto deposits and up to $250 up on the table through the other deposit methods.

Types Of Player Props For SB Betting

These props are generated for the specific players from both teams in the Super Bowl each year. Bettors could win big by betting on players with long odds to score during the game. While there are hundreds of player props generated by Super Bowl sportsbooks for the specific matchup, a general idea of some of these props can be found below:

  • Anytime Scoring Props
  • First Scorer Of Game Props
  • Last Scorer OF Game Props
  • Player With The Longest Reception
  • Player with The Longest Run
  • Player To Recover First Turnover
  • Player To Record First Sack

Types Of Team Props For SB Betting

While player props are the most common, sportsbooks also offer props for specific aspects of each team in the game. These props allow for more general wagers for these Super Bowl bettors that want to dip their toes but not become fully submerged in the action. Some examples of these team props can be found below:

  • First Team To Score
  • First Team To Score A TD
  • First Team To Make A Field Goal
  • First Team To Have A Turnover
  • First Team To Reach A Specific Number Of Points
  • Will Both Teams Kick A Field Goal

Types Of Game Props For SB Betting

These Super Bowl props range anywhere from the actual game play to aspects of the physical play. Bettors can wager on the end of regulation ending in a tie or on the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach. Examples of these game props can be found below:

  • Will The Game Go Into Overtime?
  • Will Either Coach Throw A Challenge Flag?
  • Will Both QBs Have A Roughing The Passer Flag Called?
  • What The Gatorade Poured On The Winning Coach Be Blue?