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BetOnline Super Bowl Review

Betting on the Super Bowl At BetOnlineSuper Bowl betting using BetOnline is secure, efficient, and profitable for players throughout the US. BetOnline offers hundreds of different odds for betting on the Super Bowl winner, game/player props, and many other special wagers. Accepting a diverse list of payment methods, BetOnline makes it easy to fund a sports betting account through transactions that process instantly. There are deposit and payout options that have zero fees attached at the online sportsbooks and big bonuses that can be accepted by new and existing players to have the best BetOnline SB betting experience.

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How To Sign Up For BetOnline

Signing up and betting with BetOnline is a simple process that only takes four total steps. New players can have their account funded and ready to bet on the Super Bowl within a few minutes when using BetOnline.

  • Head to and click the “Join” button that can be found in the top right corner.
  • Enter minimal personal information, create a password and confirm you live in the US.
  • Select your first deposit method and choose a welcome bonus (if desired).
  • Make the payment and wait for the transaction to process (crypto transactions are instant)

BetOnline Super Bowl Props

Both player and game Super Bowl props are generated by BetOnline every year. For players, these props range from betting on the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl to betting on a specific defensive player to record a sack in the first quarter. Betting on Super Bowl game props is more general at BetOnline and consists of betting on either team to throw a challenge flag or for a touchdown to be scored in all four quarters during the game.

Betting On The Super Bowl Halftime Show At BetOnline

BetOnline has odds for the entirety of the Super Bowl halftime show that can be bet on a month before the event or live during the action. Depending on the specific performer or performers, BetOnline offers odds for the first song to be played, the total amount of songs that will be played, if there will be any hiccups during the performance, and much more. There are even special props for betting on the outfits that the performers will come out in.

Betting On The Super Bowl Coin Toss At BetOnline

Betting on the SB Coin Toss has become one of the most popular Super Bowl wagers throughout the US and BetOnline offers odds for the 50/50 wager. Kicking off Super Bowl betting action, betting on the coin toss is a great way to start the evening off on a positive note. For bettors that guess correctly, they can have an extra boost for live betting on the Super Bowl at BetOnline.

Betting On National Anthem At BetOnline For The Super Bowl

Similar to betting on the coin toss, betting on the National Anthem is a great way to kick off betting on the Super Bowl at BetOnline. Unlike the coin toss, there are many different ways to bet on this prop. Bettors can wager on the over/under or how long the performance will be, if any words will be forgotten, and who will be shown on the screen while the performance is taking place.

Does BetOnline Have Super Bowl MVP Odds?

BetOnline offers Super Bowl MVP odds but these odds are not available year round. Bettors can wager on the MVP winner after the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, with most of the top remaining players having odds for the award. This wager can even be bet on the day of the Super Bowl, with the favored team’s QB almost always having the shortest odds to win the award. There is value in placing these wagers before the day of the Super Bowl, however, as the favorites have longer odds.

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Funding BetOnline For Betting On The Super Bowl

New and reoccurring players can feel confident in making fast and secure deposits into BetOnline, even if it is the day of the Super Bowl. Depending on the deposit method being used, fees and processing times vary. For every player using any of the offered deposit methods, BetOnline offers some type of deposit bonus that can be used to boost the Super Bowl betting funds. The limits and fees for all of the available BetOnline methods can be found below:

Deposit Method: Fees: Min Deposit : Max Deposit:
Crypto None $20 $500,000
Credit Cards 9.75% $25 $2,500
Bank Transfer Varies $500 $10,000
Person 2 Person None $100 $600

Best Bonuses For BetOnline Super Bowl Betting

When it comes to using bonuses to bet on the Super Bowl, BetOnline offers one of the largest options for accepting bonuses. BetOnline offers their new and existing players both welcome and reload bonuses that can be used to redeem up to $1,000. Super Bowl bettors can redeem these bonuses before the game starts and place their entire assisted bankroll on the action.

New Player BetOnline Bonuses

  • Crypto Welcome – 100% deposit match for up to $1,000 and a 14x rollover
  • Welcome – 50% deposit match for up to $1,000 and a 10x rollover

Reload BetOnline Bonuses

  • Crypto Reload – 35% deposit match for up to $350 and an 8x rollover
  • Reload – 25% deposit match for up to $250 up for grabs and a 6x rollover

Mobile Betting On The Super Bowl At BetOnline

BetOnline SB betting can be done from a mobile device without downloading any apps onto your smartphone. This online Super Bowl sportsbook has been optimized to run smoothly from the mobile browser of any device. Whether using an iPhone or a Galaxy Flip, bettors can make deposits at BetOnline and place wagers on the Super Bowl through BetOnline. Live Super Bowl betting using BetOnline opens the door to lines and props that can also be accessed from a mobile device to catch odds as they shift in real time.

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