Betting On The Super Bowl Moneyline

Moneyline Betting On The Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl moneyline is the most traditional and common form of betting on the event with every sportsbook accepting US players offering the bet type. When betting the moneyline, a bettor is wagering on which team is going to win. This bet type does not concern any outside factors and players will be able to cash out if the team they bet on wins the game. Players can place SU bets on the SB moneyline live during the game, before the game kicks off, or on quarter/halftime lines. Before betting on the winner, online sportsbooks offer big bonuses that can be used to increase the skin that every player has in the game.

Super Bowl 58 ML

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Bovada Sportsbook 5 Star Rating

Moneyline Betting On The Super Bowl

Bovada offers betting on the Super Bowl moneyline after the AFC and NFC Championship games conclude. Bovada offers the freshest lines for the Super Bowl and these odds shift depending on the news that unfolds the week before the game is set to kick off. This online sportsbook makes it easy to get into the action through fast and secure deposits available 24/7 for all players of the site. There are crypto and non-cryptos deposit bonuses that can be redeemed by new players before wagering on the winner of the Super Bowl at Bovada with up to $750 extra up for grabs.

Quarter Moneyline Betting

Super Bowl sportsbooks generate individual moneylines for each quarter that takes place during the game. If a team is known to heat up in the third quarter but flop in the fourth, bettors can wager on them winning the third quarter only.

Halftime Moneyline Betting

When betting on the halftime moneyline, bettors can basically break the Super Bowl up into two separate games and bet on a winner for each. If a team plays better in the second half after adapting to the game, a bettor can wager on them to lose the first half SU but win the second.

Live Moneyline Betting

Online sportsbooks offer live moneyline odds for the Super Bowl with the odds changing as the game plays out. Live moneyline betting make it possible for players to win big on a second half comeback as the odds get longer throughout the game.

Mobile Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

All of the different online sportsbooks recommended on this page for Super Bowl betting can be accessed from a mobile device. iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel users can access online books like Bovada from the mobile browser on the smartphone and receive full access to the sportsbook. Bettors can make deposits, accept bonuses and begin betting on the Super Bowl moneyline without leaving the house for all US players.

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