Common Super Bowl Bet Types

Because it’s by far the biggest game of the NFL season, most common Super Bowl bet types differ from those offered for games earlier in the year. You can choose from game lines (spread, straight up, over/under), 1st half odds, 2nd half odds, quarter odds, player props, team props, and various weird and silly special props. Because of all these options, Super Bowl betting menus are generally filled with several hundred different wagers, so make sure to check them all out before kickoff.

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Super Bowl Bets

When it comes to Super Bowl bets, rest assured that there is no shortage of options. In fact, there are more betting lines provided for the Super Bowl than any other single game throughout the entire year. In short, it's the oddsmakers and sportsbooks biggest day of the NFL season.

You know that old phrase 'this is their Super Bowl'? Well, this is where it's derived from.

The types of Super Bowl betting odds that are available really aren't any different from any other NFL game. They offer the traditional game lines which include the point spread, money line, and game total. Then come the player, team and game props.

The difference is in the total amount of betting lines offered, specifically as it relates to a team, game, and player prop betting lines. These odds begin to flood sportsbooks in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl once the matchup is known. Here on this page, we aim to give a rundown, descriptions, and examples to cover betting odds for the Super Bowl full circle. So let's get right into the types of Super Bowl bets.

Game Lines

The game lines installed for the Super Bowl bets are probably the most commonly discussed and thought of when it comes to wagering on the game. There are three basic wagers oddsmakers formulate. The first is the point-spread of the game. Here, a favorite and an underdog are established, with a set amount of points installed for which each team wins the line by covering. Next, we have a money line. This wager is made on the game without a point spread. It's placing a bet on the game for the straight-up winner of the game. Finally, a game total for the two teams combined will be installed, with a wager made on the over or under total. Typically, these payouts are right around even, with the exception of the money line. That can vary quite a bit..

First Half Odds

Just like the game line, oddsmakers set down odds for the first half of the Super Bowl. These lines usually reflect half of the point spread set down for the game. We typically do not see a moneyline for just the first half. A point spread and game total are common, however.

Team Prop Odds

Prop betting odds and the Super Bowl are infamous. Mainly because of the amount of them that we see. Super Bowl team prop betting odds are not really different from any game, they just go further in depth. Team prop betting lines can be anything from placing a wager on which team scores first, to which team has the most first downs in the game, which team has the most turnovers, etc. They are fun and exciting Super Bowl bets to make on the game where the bet on hinges on that one outcome.

Player Prop Odds

Player Prop odds are similar to that of Team props, except they relate to individual players based on their performances. Often with these types of Super Bowl bets, many of the players from each team are slated with odds and over/under totals. For example, a quarterback's total passing yards, or a wide receiver's total receiving yards are two possible examples.

Other Props

The Super Bowl is infamous for wacky and fun prop odds. These Super Bowl bets can be about anything from the National Anthem, the Gatorade showers, the television announcers saying a specific phrase or name, or really just about anything that sportsbooks see fit to make a line about. Also known as novelty props, these Super Bowl bets are primarily for entertainment.

Super Bowl 1st Half Betting Lines

A first-half betting line in the NFL is a type of straight wager that is made only on the result of the game going into the locker room. It gives bettors the chance to make multiple wagers on game lines that a formed for a match up.

Typically, oddsmakers will set the first half odds as half of the line for the game line that was originally released. The bet is made and won by picking the correct team for covering the spread for the first half.

Types Of First Half Super Bowl Betting Odds

Live betting is one of the most popular forms of first half betting as it allows players the ability to sit back and wait to see how the momentum of the game swings early before they put money down and make a wager.

A first-half spread is an interesting bet to dissect as the flow of games can change depending on the timing. Most people would think that the overall game spread would just be cut in half and then you have your first half spread but that isn’t the case. You must take into account that the pace of the game is usually slower in the first half as teams aren’t forced into a win or lose situation at that time. So for example, if the Packers are favored by 3 points to beat the Cowboys, that doesn’t immediately make the halftime spread 1.5. There are a lot of details involved.

Over/Under bets on the first half of NFL games are pretty similar to the first half spread we discussed. Rather than wagering on if a certain team will cover a spread, you bet on whether or not the teams will combine to score a certain amount of points going into halftime. These bets are usually good to place on teams that have a tendency to start fast.

First-Half moneylines are, again, similar to other Super Bowl bets like the spread and over/under. The difference with this bet is that instead of betting on the total score or spread of a certain team, you are simply betting on who will have the lead after the first half comes to an end. This is a very straightforward bet that is incredibly popular when discussing first half wagering.

Bovada Sportsbook - First Half Betting Review

Bovada SportsbookWe've said it before and it's no lie that Bovada is the king of betting on the Super Bowl. They have so many different betting lines it will make your head spin so it is best to just tackle them individually. For the first half of the game, Bovada really has a lot of options but probably the best option is their live betting on the Super Bowl. They have all sorts of lines updating by the second for bettors wager quickly, sometimes even on the result of the next play. This is just a tiny sample of what Bovada brings & if you want to try it, new depositors get a 50% to $250 bonus for NFL regular season betting.

Halftime Betting Odds For Super Bowl

Just like a wager made against the spread for a game, first and second-half betting lines are also formed for NFL matchups.

These betting lines are pretty much just how they sound. Oddsmakers will release two sets of half betting odds. There will be a first-half line and a second-half line.

For the first-half line, a bet is made against the spread for the result of the game going into halftime. For the second-half line, the wager is made only on the result of the second half. Despite the score going into the second half, the wager is made as if the two teams were starting tied at 0-0.

And just like in a game line, there is a favorite and an underdog installed for each of these half betting lines.

Types of Super Bowl 2nd Half Betting Lines

Live Betting - Just Like In The First Half, Live Betting Keeps Rolling In The Second Half With All The Same Wagers Like Results Of Plays, Time Of Next Score And The List Goes On And On...

Adjusted Spread - A Reformulated Spread For The Final Score Of The Game Based On Action That Has Already Occurred Such As The Score At The Half.

2nd Half Spread - This Is Also Formulated Based On First Half Action However This Wager Only Encompasses The Points Scored In The Second Half, Not The Final Result Of The Game.

Adjusted Moneyline - Just Like The Adjusted Spread However It Is The Payouts For The Straight Up Win Which Are Adjusted To Reflect Action Already Seen On The Field.

Adjusted Over/Under - Oddsmakers Look At How Many Points Will Probably Be Scored In The Game Based On The Scoring In The First Half, Bettors Wager On Whether The Game Will Go Over Or Under That Recalculated Number.

2nd Half Over/Under - Like The Adjusted Over/Under However This Only Encompasses The Second-Half Total And Not The Final Score For The Game.

BetOnline Halftime Betting Review

BetOnline SportsbookEverything we talked about above can be found at BetOnline during the Super Bowl. All of the Super Bowl bets that you can think of are offered at the US-friendly site. They always have a great selection of second half Super Bowl lines and make them easy to find because time is of the essence. Luckily, the halftime of the Super Bowl is longer than other weeks so that will allow you to get even more wagers in on the second half of the game. And, to help you do so, BetOnline is going to give everyone that makes a deposit a very generous 50% to $2500 bonus whenever they make a deposit, whether it is the first deposit or any other. BetOnline accepts all USA players.

Super Bowl Betting By Quarters

There are a ton of different game lines that are formed for NFL games at Super Bowl betting sites. One of those betting lines is quarter odds for a match up. These are a type of straight bet and are identical to placing a wager as if you were betting on the entire game. However, there is one difference.

Quarter lines are broken up just how you would think. Each quarter can be set with their own point spread, and over/under total. This provides bettors with several other betting options throughout the course of the game.

This can be fun for bettors for a number of reasons.

First, it allows for bets to be made during the course of the game, almost similar to live wagering. If a bet is lost in the first quarter, it could be made up in the second, third or fourth. It gives bettors the chance to get in on plenty of action during the games.

Typically, you will find a point spread and over/under total for the quarter. Bettors can get the upper hand through the use of research, and predict teams that get off to a fast or a slow start. Oddsmakers research all of this, so why shouldn't you!

Types of Super Bowl Quarter Betting Lines

Live Betting - Runs During The Entire Game And Allows Bettors To Wager On Running Totals, Etc...

Spread - Available For All Four Quarters And Result Is Determined By Only The Score Of That Quarter, Not The Score Of The Game Following That Quarter

Over/Under, Total - Can Be Wagered On Between All Quarters Including Halftime, Betting On How Many Points Will Be Scored In A Particular Period And Only Points From That Quarter Count Towards The Wager

SportsBetting Wagering By Quarters Review

SportsBetting SportsbookWagering by the quarter may not be as common, but SportsBetting still has odds available for the bettors that are interested. This is because a lot of smart, savvy bettors demand it and often SportsBetting has as much wagered on a single quarter of the Super Bowl as they do for an entire regular season NFL game... it's that big. Check out what SportsBetting has for each quarter, plus sign up for their huge 100% Bitcoin Bonus that will match your deposit up to $1000 with code 2017BTC. SportsBetting accepts ALL USA players and numerous deposit methods such as bitcoin, Visa, bank wire, and checks.

Best Super Bowl Sportsbooks
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1 Bovada 50% to $250 VISIT
2 BetOnline 50% to $1,000 VISIT
3 5Dimes 50% to $200 then 20% to $520 VISIT
5 BetDSI 100% to $500 VISIT
6 SportsBetting 50% to $1,000 VISIT