Super Bowl 1st Half Spread

Here, in order to win the Super Bowl 1st half spread, Pats bettors must see New England take a 4-point (or larger) lead into halftime. Eagles bettors must see their team be 2 or fewer points behind the Pats, tied with them, or ahead on the scoreboard by halftime.

Super Bowl 1st Half Totals

Here, the combined total points scored in the game heading into halftime must be 24 points or more for the “over” bet to win, while it must be 23 points or fewer for the “under” to win. Once the game starts, you will not be able to wager on any Super Bowl 1st half betting lines.

Bovada Sportsbook


Super Bowl 1st Half Betting Lines

A first half betting line in the NFL is a type of straight wager that is made only on the result of the game going into the locker room. It gives bettors the chance to make multiple wagers on game lines that a formed for a match up.

Typically, oddsmakers will set the first half odds as half of the line for the game line that was originally released. The bet is made, and won by picking the correct team for covering the spread for the first half.

Types of First Half Betting Odds For The Super Bowl

  • Live Betting - Runs Throughout The Game, Wager On Result Of Next Play, Pass Or Rush Next Play, Time Of Next Score, Etc... Entirely Too Many Ways To Bet On Super Bowl To List
  • Spreads - Bet On Which Team Which Cover The Spread Going Into Halftime, Typically Half Of Spread For Entire Game But Sometimes Varies A Half Point Or So
  • Over/Under - Usually 50% Of Whatever The Game Total Has Been Set At, Wager On Whether The Points Total At Halftime Will Be Over Or Under The Predetermined Line
  • Moneyline - Basically Which Team Will Be Leading At The Half, Wager Is Handicapped Through Payouts Where A $1 Bet On The Favorite Will Not Pay As Much As A $1 Bet On The Underdog
  • Player Props - Wager On Whether Statistical Totals Will Be Over Or Under What Oddsmakers Have Previously Deteremined
  • Miscellaneous... - Oddsmakers Always Come Up With New Ways To Wager, Check Out The Books Below To See What Kind Of First Half Betting Odds For The Super Bowl We Might Have Missed

Bovada - Tons Of Props, Spreads, Over/Unders, & More For The First Half Of The Super Bowl

Bovada SportsbookWe've said it before and it's no lie that Bovada is the king of betting on the Super Bowl. They have so many different betting lines it will make your head spin so it is best to just tackle them individually. For the first half of the game, Bovada really has a lot of options but probably the best option is their live betting on the Super Bowl. They have all sorts of lines updating by the second for bettors wager quickly, sometimes even on the result of the next play. This is just a tiny sample of what Bovada brings & if you want to try it, new depositors get a 50% to $250 bonus for NFL regular season betting.

BetOnline - Features A Variety Of First Half Super Bowl Props & Other Wacky Wagers

BetOnline is no slouch when it comes to getting odds out for the first half. Other sportsbooks typically will not post betting odds for the first half until 3 or 4 days from kickoff however BetOnline is usually twice as fast as that, usually having their lines available by the week of the game. And, it doesn't just stop at first half betting lines but rather BetOnline keeps it rolling with all their props, spreads and other ways to bet on the game. Then, if that wasn't enough, everytime you make a deposit you can earn an extra 50% to $1,000 for the lifetime of your account... a bonus that has no limit.

Best Super Bowl Sportsbooks
Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses
1 Bovada 50% to $250 VISIT
2 BetOnline 50% to $1,000 VISIT
3 5Dimes 50% to $200 then 20% to $520 VISIT
5 BetDSI 100% to $500 VISIT
6 SportsBetting 50% to $1,000 VISIT